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The Emerald Storm: An Ethan Gage Adventure (Book #5) William Dietrich

The Emerald Storm: An Ethan Gage Adventure (Book #5)

William Dietrich

Published May 8th 2012
ISBN : 9780062208668
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 About the Book 

After a lifetime of adventuring, Ethan Gage is ready to settle down, retire. Hes been mentored by Benjamin Franklin, explored the American west at President Jeffersons behest, spent time in Egypt and the Holy Land with Napoleon, and wrested his wife from Barbary pirates.You see, his wife, Astiza, and he have a small son and they are in France to sell an emerald taken from the pirate that had his family.The adventuring life wont let him go though. Hes grabbed bu a rogue French policeman named Martel and tortured, all the while demanding the location of the rest of it. Gage had no idea what he was asking about.Rescued by a group of Englishmen, he begins to learn. The emerald hed taken from the pirate is from a reputed long lost horde of Aztec wealth hidden from Cortez and his conquistadors. The story goes that the horde was found, lost when a ship sank in a storm, found, and hidden away by black slaves.The Englishmen werent a lot better. They wanted his help to break a Haitian general out of a French prison so that he could resume the slave revolt in the Caribbean to wrest control of the wealthy sugar crop islands from the French.A series of misadventures, Martel had escaped, kidnapped his son, and the trail lead back to that area. Gage and Astiza have to go there to find their son.Beset on all sides by the French, the English, and a slave leader that hates all whites, Gage must find that treasure, even if he must partner with the devil himself, Martel, all the while expecting betrayal.Nicely paced historical thriller, especially the latter half, that leads to a final confrontation in the midst of a violent hurricane.Loved this one.